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August 26, 2010

LCD Screen Hacked View-Master

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If you have one of these View-Masters you might want to bring it into the modern day, have a look at this LCD Screen Hacked View-Master by Hackerconsortium.

Thanks Tuttle

“Long gone are the days of light shining through celluloid images on a disk… Long gone! Why this little feller here has Two, count them, 2 Colby 1.5 inch digital key chain picture frames lined up with each lens to create a digital stereoscope. Wait there’s more don’t go. What more you ask? Well this little device actually comes pretty damn close to doing stereoscope really well. It even surprised me!”



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2 Responses to “LCD Screen Hacked View-Master”

  1. Chris Says:

    nice, but amazed someone hasn’t done it before!

  2. mykeyfinn Says:

    Off to Wally World to find me some keychains

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