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August 25, 2010

How to take good Pictures of Electronic Projects

at 4:08 pm. Filed under DIY Hacks, Educational


Funny that Johngineer comes out with his tutorial about How to take Pictures of Electronic Projects now. I just got my photo cube in the mail yesterday. I will be setting it up in a somewhat permanent photography location soon, I can’t wait to use some of these tips to see how I can make my pictures look better. I have been talking with our friend Daniel Garcia from Protostack who has always taken fantastic looking pictures of his projects! He uses a cube and normally shoots outside in natural light. I have already purchased some Daylight compact florescent bulbs so we will see how good they look. I am looking forward to the long learning curve.

“A cyclorama is a surface that provides you with a uniform background. A cyclorama (also called a cyc, rhymes with “bike”) can vary in size from a tabletop (such as this one) to a warehouse (used for cars and other large objects). It’s really nothing more than a concave surface of uniform texture — it’s horizontally flat in the front and curves up to vertical in the background. The one we’re going to build here uses a lightweight frame of PVC pipe and a sheet of poster board, along with a few thin panels of MDF for extra rigidity. It costs about $20 in parts. If you are using a table that sits up against a wall, you can skip the PVC frame and simply tape the poster board to the wall and table in the appropriate shape. However, you may find the PVC frame gives you more flexibility because you can move around it.”