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August 25, 2010

High Voltage Washer Launcher

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Our good friend Bob Davis has been doing some more high voltage tinkering. He has been working on another High Voltage Washer Launcher, this is a new and improved version of some of his past high voltage projects. If you are just looking for some explosive fun have a look at 4:35 and 5:45. I love the use of the safety broom. 🙂

“My old 8 capacitor power supply is back in action!  This time it has 10 capacitors, and delivers 2000 volts at 1600 amps from 1,600 uF of capacitors in a series/parallel combination.  The old 5 watt resistor was replaced with a 50 watt resistor!  It still smoked when it was powered on likely from grease from my fingers.”