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August 23, 2010

Zippo Burglar Alarm

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Ever wanted to have a alarm system that could fit into your pocket? Well have a look at this Zippo Burglar Alarm, it’s pocket sized since all the electronics are stuffed into a Zippo lighter. It is based around a Picaxe microcontroller which controls a few IR LEDs and monitors an IR Receiver module. The alarm is a piezo buzzer which is also mounted in the tiny case.

“It works by sending out a modulated infrared signal. The detector then senses any of the reflected signal, this is how it knows if anyone has passed by. The main board contains a pickaxe chip. There is a mode select button which allows you to cycle through the different detection methods and alerts. It runs off of 3 x AG-13 button cells and can sense up to 15cm+ in good conditions.”



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6 Responses to “Zippo Burglar Alarm”

  1. Whatnot Says:

    Pretty nice! cute little thing nicely built into that zippo case.
    And a nice presentation too.

  2. Zippo Hack – How to Make Portable Zippo Lighter Alarm! Says:

    […] via hackedgadgets, Project Page […]

  3. sariel Says:

    thats way cool man. best use for a zippo shell other than a lighter that i’ve ever seen.

  4. Electronics-Lab.com Blog » Blog Archive » Zippo Burglar Alarm Says:

    […] to make an alarm system that could fit into your pocket. It can even fit inside a Zippo lighter. [via] It works by sending out a modulated infrared signal. The detector then senses any of the reflected […]

  5. ZippoTricks Says:

    Thats really cool tricks. it could be easily fit into zippo lighters.

  6. ZippoTricks Says:

    Really very nice post. I appreciate your work. Thanks for the blog.

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