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August 15, 2010

BlindType – Touch Type with no Keyboard

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BlindType is the coolest typing aids I have ever seen, and we have seen our fair share of crazy typing systems. I don’t do much mobile typing, I have tried the T9 predictive text entry system and hated it. I use an iPod Touch to view emails when not in the home office and unless the reply can be very short I tend to wait until I am at a real keyboard to answer. I can see this application changing that. The only reason I hate typing on the Touch is because the keys seem to be too small for my fingers and I spend too much time backspacing and correcting mistakes. With BlindType I could keep typing and it looks like BlindType will magically figure out what I meant to type. It’s sure to be a hit when it’s available. I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of the big players buy them out to be able to use the technology exclusively on their platform.

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5 Responses to “BlindType – Touch Type with no Keyboard”

  1. Scott Says:

    First, completely AMAZING!!!
    Second, completely IMPOSSIBLE!!!

    How in the h311 does this thing correct the spelling? Are they using some Auto-Correct tricks or is this the real deal?

    I would REALLY like to try this out. I type about 3 words a min on my TP2 and that includes 34 backspaces. ;-(

  2. Shadyman Says:

    Buh. I’ve been pondering a checker/fixer for that type of stuff on a physical keyboard, like having one hand off by a key, flipped letters, etc. for a while now. They took it one step beyond. Very nice.

  3. bill Says:

    Clever Idea. It appears to create a number strings of characters based on closest contact, then chooses a word from its dictionary that is the closest fit. The really clever bit is the re-mapping of the keyboard (changing size and orientation) to maximise the accuracy. However – that annoying key click has to go !!!!


  4. Tyler Says:

    How does it know which word is most likely to be next, or does it learn and just uses the most commonly used word by you in the past? Either way, wow! Two hand typing would finally be possible and actually done well on a dual touch screen laptop!

  5. bill Says:

    OK this is guess work, but this is how I think it works…
    Suppose you are aiming to type the word TOY. Your first press lands low somewhere between the T and Y – This gives the first letter option as T Y or G if the press is closed to T, that would go to the top of the list and be printed on the screen.

    Next press is way off, landing square on the P, so P is printed, but O and L could still be in the frame. The spell check can’t find any words beginning TP, YP or GP so TL YL GL are considered. GL is most likely so it shoots to the top of the list, but also in there are GO, YO and TO

    The third press falls short of the Y and lands between the Y and H. GLH is a no match GLY is a possible (glycerine), YOH is rejected as are TOH and YOY, GOY (Goya) and TOY are retained. so Y is printed.

    The next press is closest to the space bar so the word is corrected to the only three letter option TOY (any other option are listed in a box above the keyboard so that a correction can be made).

    The clever bit is that once you have accepted the word as TOY, the keyboard is re-orientated, so that the key press that you made earlier are closest to the T,O and Y.

    Wish I had this on my Axim.


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