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August 11, 2010

Multi-Barrel Airsoft Machine Gun

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We all know Airsoft to be a fun safe sport right? Airsoft guns shoot small round plastic pellets which can sting a bit but it’s all in good fun similar to a paintball. Kuba sent in a link to his Multi-Barrel Airsoft Machine Gun which is a bit more intimidating. There are going to be lots of tutorials on the site, a few are complete like this one. The huge ammo box looks well designed since it allows you to have instant access to 16,000 airsoft pellets!

“Solenoid valve regulates the flow of gas (CO2). Maximum pressure is 14 Bars (203PSI). Remote control system allows to operating without any additional cables. Battery powered with two 12V aku. Magazine hold 16 000 BBs. This means that you can still shoot for a long time. Large weight prevents wearing. But if you are strong you can try. A perfect place to install is a car or a defensive position.”


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5 Responses to “Multi-Barrel Airsoft Machine Gun”

  1. Nick McClanahan Says:

    Really nice job with the machining!

  2. phil Says:

    The prettiest looking bullet hose I’ve ever seen

  3. NatureTM Says:

    Wow that looks great, but I doubt anyone will want to play airsoft with him anymore after getting shot by that thing.

  4. Tachikoma Says:

    too bad the barrel is static, but otherwise this thing rules!

  5. BG Says:

    Actually, it uses only the center barrel, the minigun look is just that, a look. Purely cosmetic.
    I would still love to have this guarding my lawn against cats though!

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