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August 9, 2010

Answer Phone Calls with a Handgun

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Just stick the barrel of the gun in your ear and pull the trigger. That is how you answer this Bluetooth headset. Not sure you could use this in many places though. We recently had a law pass where I live that made talking on a cell phone and driving illegal. It is legal to use a bluetooth device to talk though. I am thinking that this device would still be legal to use. 🙂

“Inspired by the Retro Wireless Handset project from Make Vol. 20, I decided to mod a Bluetooth earpiece for my phone out of a kids plastic toy gun. Now, I look forward to receiving a call from the First Lady while I’m at work. I draw the gun out of my pocket, stick the barrel in my ear (the speaker is in the business end), and pull the trigger to answer the call.”


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7 Responses to “Answer Phone Calls with a Handgun”

  1. Muris Says:

    imagine holding a gun in one hand and this “phone” in the other. than the phone rings… bang!

  2. Alan Parekh Says:

    LOL, not the best phone to have when you are holding up a bank.

  3. ChalkBored Says:

    I thought he would have been inspired by this from 2 years ago.


  4. DIY Russian Roulette Gun Phone! Says:

    […] via hackedgadgets, Project Page […]

  5. NatureTM Says:

    Now take a real gun, make it look like that thing, and switch them when he won’t notice.
    On second hand, don’t. That seems sort of dangerous.

  6. how do I become Says:

    This one looks really cool. I hope they also have models that look like real handguns. That’ll be so wicked.

  7. Camerique Says:

    Dude, you remind me of the Windom Earle character from Twin Peaks (resemblance):



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