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August 8, 2010

RGB LED Lamp Driver Board

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With this RGB LED Lamp Driver Board circuit you can make an ordinary light a bit more interesting. With the press of a button you can change the light to whatever color you like. An AVR microcontroller is being used to PWM the RGB LEDs.

Video after the jump.

“The lamp uses a single momentary button to switch (you need special drill bits to drill the hole in this thin plastic, trust me, check Harbor Freight for them!) between the colors and the two color mixing modes (one, I jokingly refer to as “light switch rave” and the other a slow color changing mode). My wife absolutely hates the blue hue of normal LEDs, so I knew my design would have to incorporate a few warm white LEDs in addition to the RGB LEDs, thus the 3 warm white LEDs in the middle of the board.”


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3 Responses to “RGB LED Lamp Driver Board”

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  2. IKEA Hack – How to Make an RGB LED Lamp! Says:

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  3. George Johnson Says:

    You don’t need “special” drill bits. You can make your own. What you need to do, is grind the cutting face of the drill bit, so it’s perpendicular with the drill bit.

    This make the cutting edge flat, instead of sharp. If you look at a drill bit, you see that the part that actually does the cutting, is “sharp”. Just grind that flat a little bit and it will “scrape” a hole and not “bite” a hole.

    A guy in a pro model shop showed this trick to me. Works great. Of course, it’s useless for drilling much else other than plastic.

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