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August 4, 2010

Telenoid R1 Robot

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We have seen lots of creepy robots but I think the Telenoid might be at the top of the heap. Not sure about the abdomen though, I think if it had some legs and a pair of pants the creepy factor would be much lower. This is meant to be a new form of tele communication but I think when Apple gets the bugs worked out of FaceTime I would rather use that…

Video after the jump.

Via: Zedomax

“The new Telenoid R1 was designed to appear and to behave as a minimalistic human; at the very first glance, one can easily recognize the Telenoid as a human while the Telenoid appear as both male and female, as both old and young. By this minimal design, the Telenoid allows people to feel as if an acquaintance in the distance is next to you.”


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4 Responses to “Telenoid R1 Robot”

  1. ChalkBored Says:


    The part where it sort of ‘snaps’ to life when it activates isn’t helping the creepiness factor.

    Even creepier is the website describes it as having a:

    ‘Soft and pleasant body’

  2. Andreas Says:

    1.) Reminds me of Neon Genesis Evangelion
    2.) Hey even the funny characters are there ..
    3.) .. yeah it’s got to be japanese 😉

  3. Shadyman Says:

    Casper, is that you?

  4. jsngrimm Says:

    @Shadyman casper on acid. mabye. this looks more lime a haunted house decoration than a telepresense robot. creepy

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