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July 29, 2010

3-Phase Brushless DC Motor Project

at 8:54 pm. Filed under Electronic Hacks

Dave has documented his ongoing 3-Phase Brushless DC Motor Project build on his David’s Electronics Test Tube Youtube Chanel. Why buy the controller when you can make it!

“The final board layouts will use 28-pin DIP chips. One is programmed to control the motor speed and the other is a dashboard display of sorts. The motor controller will be completely programmable from the dashboard. It monitors the battery voltage and the motor current to keep things under constant control. I have added a current monitor that will detect discharge and charge current consumed from the battery. Also a slow speed reverse function that will only engage it the vehicle is still, throttle is off and a button is pressed and held in. The dashboard like display unit has a 2 line x 16 char display area that is back-lit with RGB LED’s.”