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July 23, 2010

Quadcopter Prototype

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Starlino is building a Quadcopter,  the design is based around the Acc_Gyro Board that he designed and is being sold by our friends over at Gadget Gangster. It uses PID along with a simplified Kalman Filter.

“I did some tests on the lift force potential of this frame+motors+props, and was surprise to find out it performed better than some entry-level brushless motors. The lift force of this platform is up to 2.25 lbs.  The results of lift-force experiments are compiled in this spreadheet: MotorLiftPower.pdf.

How I measured the lift force ?  I didn’t have any fancy equipment so I simply fixed the quad in a vise and weighted  it it at different throttle levels – the difference in weight gave me the lift power.”



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