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July 20, 2010

Entrepreneur Journeys Volume 4 by Sramana Mitra

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For all you budding entrepreneurs who have a great business idea in your head but think that taking the first step is quite daunting needs to give Entrepreneur Journeys Volume 4 a look. Sramana Mitra who writes for Forbes and is a serial entrepreneur herself shares her knowledge with us to help our business ideas along their way. In the book she interviews many high profile successful executives such as Eric Benhamou and Judy Estrin to extract their business wisdom.

She has developed sections of the book to be very pertinent to the current economy. For example there is a section on Shoestring Innovators since attaining a large sum of investment money might not be the easiest thing to come by right now. In this section she talks with Brian Behlendorf of CollabNet, Rod Johnson of Spring Source and John Roberts of SugarCRM.


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