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July 16, 2010

11.3 Kilojoule Capacitor Bank

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Our friend Daniel Eindhoven from Megavolts found a great price on some huge used capacitors. These capacitors normally cost around $90 each, Daniel was able to pick them up for around $2 a piece! That is one hell of a huge capacitor bank on a nice budget. He also designed an interesting mechanism to tie the batteries together. Instead of using wire or busbars he designed a few laser cut sheets of metal and PCB. The PCB is acting as an insulator between the two metal sheet conductors. So the next question is how does one switch that type of power? The light switch at Home Depot is not going to cut it. 🙂  Have a look at the High Current Pneumatic Switch that was designed just for this type of application, be sure to watch the switch in action below.

“My new capacitor bank is finished! This bank holds 38x 4700uF and 2x 3300uF capacitors of 350V in parallel (total 0,1852 Farad). It can hold a maximum energy of about 11344 Joule.


Capacitance: 185200uF
Voltage: 350V
Energy: 11343,5 Joules
Conductors: 4mm aluminum sheets
Weight: 44,1 kg
Dimensions: 385 x 613 x 182mm
Costs: €208,52″