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July 15, 2010

How a Transformer Works

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We have seen how transformers are made before but how do they actually work? Fileark gives us demonstration video about the magic that is happening inside the transformer.

“The transformer is based on two principles: firstly, that an electric current can produce a magnetic field (electromagnetism) and secondly that a changing magnetic field within a coil of wire induces a voltage across the ends of the coil (electromagnetic induction). Changing the current in the primary coil changes the magnetic flux that is developed. The changing magnetic flux induces a voltage in the secondary coil.”


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6 Responses to “How a Transformer Works”

  1. rallen71366 Says:

    I thought there was going to be some Energon involved… oh, well.

  2. Hmmm Says:

    Don’t forget that the changing load current in the secondary creates a changing magnetic field of its own, which creates a changing EMF in the primary. 😀

    Why don’t transformers pass DC? Why don’t they pass step functions?

  3. arcnemisis Says:

    wow.. was this a school project? There tends to be a little more physics involved as well. But as a basic intro, well done. Could have been cut down some though. Must be slow day everywhere.

  4. cj Says:

    I kept expecting that drill bit to shear off a fingernail by the root. good impromptu device, 50dkp minus for using your finger as a bushing…

  5. NatureTM Says:

    I give him 50 points for using his finger, and subtract 50 points from you for being afraid of a cordless drill. 🙂

  6. Electronics-Lab.com Blog » Blog Archive » How a Transformer Works Says:

    […] How a transformer works? Find out on this youtube video. [via] […]

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