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July 12, 2010

IR Jammer Kit

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Fresh off the assembly line… We have a new kit that is being released today. It’s a universal IR Jammer which can be used to jam any infrared remote control device.

The Infrared Remote Control Jammer allows you to render all IR remote controls inoperative! The microcontroller in this design allows for all 6 of the main IR frequencies to be targeted making this unit universal. It works by corrupting the data that is being sent by your normal remote controls.

The kit will be discounted for the first few introduction days so get yours today!

The board is the size of a 9 volt battery which is the intended power supply for the device. Press the button and point it to the infrared component that you would like to jam. Perfect for playing pranks and keeping your TV channel on even when you go and make a sandwich. 🙂

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