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July 6, 2010

Microsoft Bidirectional Battery Holder – Instaload

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Looks like Microsoft is trying to make our lives a bit better with their new battery holder design. What is so cool about a battery holder that needs to be talked about? Well this battery holder can accept the battery inserted either way. I know so many people who just slot the batteries into everything and wonder why it doesn’t work… This device would solve this issue since it doesn’t care how it is installed. Not sure about the name though, Microsoft is calling it InstaLoad, I don’t think of a battery holder when I hear that. One of the devices that I wish had this design is my Canon S5IS, it takes 4 AA batteries so I am forever taking them out and replacing them with freshly charged ones. The battery compartment (shown below) has a bit of smarts built into it, there are some plastic ridges that prevent a backwards battery from being placed in circuit.

Makes you think why all the typical AAA, AA, C and D cell battery holders didn’t have this feature from the beginning. Who knows if we will ever see this holder anyway since it looks like there is a previous patent that will probably prevent Microsoft moving forward with this idea.

Via: EEVblog

Battery Sizes

InstaLoad technology can be used with AA, AAA, C, D batteries. Devices that require cylindrical form factor batteries (disposable and rechargeable) can use the InstaLoad technology, including less common cylindrical battery sizes such as CR123.

Typical Product Applications

Portable lighting, flashlights, battery chargers, toys, consumer electronics, mice and keyboards, and all other battery operated devices using standard off-the-shelf cylindrical batteries can use InstaLoad technology.

General Architecture

InstaLoad is a mechanical battery contact design that does not require special electronics or circuitry. The InstaLoad battery configuration includes a set of positive and negative contacts at both ends, instead of a single positive contact at one end and a single negative contact at the other end.”

Non-Instaload style, batteries need to be installed in the correct manner.