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June 23, 2010

GPS Box Project – Opens at secret location

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GPS technology is cheap enough that we are starting to see GPS being used in some cool new ways. You may remember this GPS game that we featured before. Markus has made a project he calls the Little Reverse GeoCache, it is based on a similar project that was made by Mikal Hart. The box can only be opened when it is in the correct location, the trick is that the location is not known to the user who is given the box. You are given a finite number of button presses to try to determine the magic location, when the button is pressed you are told how far away from the location you are.

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“Other than with ordinary GeoCaches you do not need to find the box at the target coordinate: You will already have it when the puzzle starts. But the box is closed and it will only open when you are near the target coordinate. In order to find the coordinate, the box has a button: When you press the button, the internal GPS receiver will detect the current location and the distance to the target will be displayed. Of course the number of trials is limited. If you press the button too often, the box will be sealed forever.”



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10 Responses to “GPS Box Project – Opens at secret location”

  1. chewy Says:

    seems neat but honestly anyone who has ever taken geometry could figure out the location in 3 presses of the button. so unless it is limited to 2 presses of the button seems like a waste. sorry to be negative it just seems to me that the game could be more involved

  2. TM Says:

    The box should self-destroy when pressing the button too often!

  3. Adam Says:

    Or you could just smash the box. Should probably use something a little more resilient.

  4. DIY Secret GPS Box Opens at Target GPS Location! Says:

    […] via hackedgadgets, [Project Page] […]

  5. Wolf01 Says:

    “seems neat but honestly anyone who has ever taken geometry could figure out the location in 3 presses of the button”

    only if you know the angle and/or the distance… this is a black box, it doesn’t tell you anything, you MUST know the exact location to open it!

    It reminds to me a sort of magic artifact, I also suggest the author to patent it before somebody else does it to make a toy line where you open a chest, activate an ‘ancient runic power’ of a rune (plastic) stone etc…

  6. Wolf01 Says:

    oops, I did not read carefully the post, it does tell you the distance, so you are right 😛

  7. Jonas Agentoft Eggen Says:

    This is how you do it.. http://bildr.no/view/674681
    But even tough you can find it using this method it is a fun puzzle : D

  8. Stunmonkey Says:

    Even if it were limited to only two presses, you can still narrow it down to two discrete points. The third press only eliminates one of them.

    Neat idea, but rather limited and simple compared to the insane level of computational and interface potential in there. With that much power to tap, you would think you could come up with a box that gives different data based on aspects of it handling, the surrounding environment (noise/light/energy/temperature, etc.), proximity to other objects/frequencies/fields/etc., whatever.

    I am drawing a blank, but someone more creative than I has to be able to come up with a puzzle box that is really actually a puzzle to solve.

  9. danielson Says:

    OR… you can just unscrew those hinges


  10. GPS Puzzle Box Popularity - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

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