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June 4, 2010

Motorcycle Universal Gear Indicator

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Vassilis Papanikolaou has made a nice Motorcycle Universal Gear Indicator Circuit which allows you to easily see what gear you are in. I am now curious how my first motorcycle indicated the current gear, there was a single 7 segment display between the speedometer and tachometer. I am guessing that it was probably all mechanical but who knows, it might have been this complex!

Thanks sending it in Vassilis.

“The main circuit is based on an AVR ATTINY25/45/85 microcontroller, which reads the signals of the two Hall sensors and the neutral switch and outputs the current gear number to a 7-segment LED indicator, through a 4026 counter/decoder.”


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4 Responses to “Motorcycle Universal Gear Indicator”

  1. Vassilis Says:

    Thanks a lot for the post Alan ! Really appreciate 🙂

  2. cyril Says:

    has anyone built this?
    I have tried but it only works on the DOWN hall IC and
    it remembers the last selected gear
    changed ATtiny and the Hall IC’s, still
    the same !!

  3. cyril Says:

    Hi again
    just to let you know it now WORKS
    fault was mine , faulty soldering by ME
    now to the next step fiting it.
    great piece of kit.
    many thanks

  4. murali Says:


    can you explain the operation how it works i mean how to program ucontroller and how will be out put from hall sensor will be is it the -ve pulse when magnet comes near it and why did u choose the ADC pins of Atiny and what is exact logic between hall sensors and ucontroller and counter


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