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May 26, 2010

MegaHex – 6 Propeller RC Chopper

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We have seen quite a few multi propeller RC choppers but the MegaHex – 6 Propeller RC Chopper takes the cake! This bad boy has enough power to soar to great heights carrying a decent payload. Watch the nice clear video to see MegaHex in action. The MegaHex weighs 2.8kg without batteries and with its 1kg of batteries it can fly for 14 minutes. I am thinking that this technology will put a big dent in helicopter rentals by movie companies.


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8 Responses to “MegaHex – 6 Propeller RC Chopper”

  1. Dre Says:

    “MegaHex – 6 Propeller RC Chopper takes the cake!” I beg to differ… check the video for the HexaKopter: “http://vimeo.com/6194911

  2. The Awesomer Says:

    Mega Hexa R/C Copter…

    Your tiny one-blade helicopter is cute. This one has six-blades and can eat your puny copter for breakfast. From the sound of this thing, you’d better keep your fingers outta the way…….

  3. Nick McClanahan Says:

    It’s awesome. Kits are expensive, but if you look at comparable commercial solutions, it compares well. Good build, too.

  4. ITIL_Prince Says:

    That looks like one really nice place to live, too. Beautiful scenery.

    Can it carry a Scarlet from RED Camera? That will be the new target soon. Estimated at about 3-4 lbs with fixed lens.

  5. Hack Says:

    That looks like one of the spy drones that they are now using to spy on people.

  6. Bikini Models Photoshoot using the MegaHex 6 Propeller RC Chopper - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] the MegaHex that we featured here earlier this year?  Well the Aerobot RC copter was recently on location showing off what […]

  7. Rey Serna Says:

    I’m curious on what is the payload of this cool helicopter. is this something I can buy or did you make it?

  8. Guillermo Ramirez Says:

    It is a very interesting and spectacular flying machine. I am looking for something like this to take consecutive photos of coastlines, hopefully with recorded GPS info attached to each overlapped consecutive photo maybe even with altitude of each take to post on a coast protection web site project. The chopper should be able to fly @ least 10 minutes per battery charge per 2-3 miles long beaches. Can this machine do that? How much it costs since this is a cash strapped coastlines environmental protection project?

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