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May 24, 2010

DIY Automatic Medication Dispenser

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If you have lots of medications that you take this DIY Automatic Medication Dispenser by Jan Wante. There are enough compartments that you would not need to stock it very often. You would probably need to contact Jan for the code and a larger schematic since I don’t think either are posted in his article.

UPDATE: Thanks to Jan for sending in a full size schematic, it has been added below.

“The ‘machine’ has seven drums (one for each day of the week) with 4 compartments that you can fill with your medication. When filled, you put them back in the machine and connect them to it. On the front of the machine is a lcd-screen and 2 buttons. There you can set the time and date and program when you need the medication. When it is time for your medication, the machine drops the correct pills and sounds an alarm until you take the pills and push a button. After that it goes back to “sleep” until the next alarm.”



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4 Responses to “DIY Automatic Medication Dispenser”

  1. Stan Says:

    Pills come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. How do you ensure you are dispensing the correct amount?

  2. Paul Says:

    Candy dispenser!

  3. gmg Says:

    Clever, and would be invaluable to some people (particularly the elderly, who take multiple medications and may have reduced eyesight or manual dexterity) with some modification:

    1. provision to dispense medications that are taken more then once a day automatically.

    2. eliminate the need to pre-count, sort and fill the dispenser. each prescription bottle would be emptied into a hopper where pills are dispensed one by one at the appropriate time. may be difficult to implement mechanically, given varied size and shapes of pills and capsules.

  4. sweety Says:

    hey thanks a lot for the idea
    it is really great
    can you please send me the complete programming, design etc of this
    my email-id is sweetmetalk16@rediffmail.com

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