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May 9, 2010

Foil Hat Demonstration

at 8:53 pm. Filed under Educational, Electronic Hacks, Funny Hacks

Fellow Canadian Rick Crammond demonstrates how effective shielding is using a fun demonstration. Have you ever stripped some shielded cable and found the foil wrapped around the wires or looked in some electronic gear and seen some some copper paint on the inside of the cover and wondered how effective it is? Well this demonstration shows you that a bit of thin metal can really do some amazing shielding.


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11 Responses to “Foil Hat Demonstration”

  1. treyk4 Says:

    Makes me wonder how much radiation my brain is actually getting, and how much cancer could be prevented through this.

  2. ttsgeb Says:

    I actually want to wear a tin foil hat now, great.

  3. mikheil Says:

    @treyk4 EMP is not radiation!!!!
    “EMP” stands for “Electro Magnetic pulse” basically it is strong radio signal, that can disable or mostly destroy any unprotected electro circuit board.
    as @poster of this video and @Rick Crammond I do not think that the EMP can be bad for humans because nerves of the humans and other animals do not use electrons to transmit information they are using something (i forget name and can not remember they act as electrons but difference is the metal transmits electrons good but the thing what i forgoat has trouble on metal but the electrons have trouble on water but they do not), sou i think that the EMP is bad for only that stuff that uses electricity at that time.
    but as i am non sure by 100% i would put that aluminum foil all over head and face

  4. techartisan Says:

    EMP is clearly a mistake made by a person using a “spirit radio” LOL I would suspect that EMF would be the issue of concern at hand here. Aluminum foil is so 1980s…thanks to the internet (no affiliation with this site) http://www.lessemf.com/fabric.html you can find far more comfortable options.

  5. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi techartisan,

    Thanks for the link. That stuff is expensive! I find it funny how they say their $16 a foot product is great for window screens. 🙂 That would be some expensive bug screens. But I guess if it has the added benefit of preventing mind control it might be worth it…

  6. techartisan Says:


    Naturalshield @ $13/ft
    “Perfect for bedding, clothing, drapes and most other applications where you want shielding without the harshness of metallized fabrics. Completely machine washable and dryable (cool) without losing shielding performance, cuts and sews like ordinary cotton”

    or how about the STRETCH CONDUCTIVE FABRIC $60/ft
    “makes a great material for electrode contacts, stretchy hats, socks, gloves, or other garments. Highly conductive, and conductivity decreases as it stretches.”

    EMF shielding sure these would be great for blocking powerline emf, cellphone radiation, the alien implants, your secret shadow government brain trackers…maybe even the mind control, mind reading waves….My thoughts on highly conductive fabric always turns to norse men with hammers chanting DTMB…though I wonder what legalities such experiments might tread upon.

    A more relevant discussion on hackedgadgets would be its use as electrodes, stretch sensors, etc.

  7. techartisan Says:

    seems to have snipped a bit of my text…
    the first line was to read…

    $16ft….for window screen would be excessive but given the properties of some of the other fabrics they list such as

  8. Pete Says:

    I find it hard to believe that anyone would question the efficacy of aluminum foil as a shielding medium.

  9. rallen71366 Says:

    I helped a friend install shielding in a room, once. It was a full faraday cage, with aluminum window screen overlapped and stapled to the wall, ceiling, and floor studs. We installed sheet-rock wallboard over it so you couldn’t see it. He was working on some experimental radio modules, and the radio tower 1/2 mile away was bleeding all into his circuits and he couldn’t detect his signals!

    He said that when he sold his house, the buyers wondered why their cell phones and radios wouldn’t work in that one room? He told them he knew someone who could do an exorcism for them. Cheap. *snicker*

  10. selva Says:

    Nice demo video..

  11. Greg Zeng Says:

    Cathode rat tubes (old tv) emits rf into the bed on the otherside of the wal – infering with AM radio reception.

    SOLUTION: earthed chicken wire or metal flywire behind the CRT.

    SIMILAR PROBLEM: omnidirectional wifi router, but only mean to transmit in certain directions. So either:

    1: parabolic-type metal reflector behind the aerial

    2: earthed metallic shields in the unwanted directions

    3: directional wifi antenna

    Retired (medical) IT Consultant, Australian Capital Territory.

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