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May 8, 2010

Dune Bug E – Dune Buggy Electric Conversion Part 5

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Have a look at the Dune Bug E project. Looks like the warm weather kicked the build into high gear! You know you are dealing with some serious power when you need to cut your cables with bolt cutters and solder on lugs with a blow torch. 🙂

“At this point the Dune Bug-E is up & running, and has had 8 or 9 test drivers without any issues ie; intermittent power of general failure while driving.
The Home Brew High Current switch was one area that I’d had concerns about but they proved needless.
The slip differential in the rear-end will be welded or fixed to approximate a Posi-track or solid rear drive, as there is no flex in the frame or swing-arm, so one of the rear wheels is prone to getting hung-up spinning in the air…”


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9 Responses to “Dune Bug E – Dune Buggy Electric Conversion Part 5”

  1. Mike Coles Says:

    Normal battery cables are cut w/ those cutters. This may be ‘serious power’ for some, but torches and solder are a bad idea for connecting those ends to the cable. A 200 dollar crimper is much better. If the connection comes loose or introduces resistance they’ll get hot which will melt the solder. Out flops the cable which will most likely produce a lovely fireworks display. I you must solder, do so after the crimp. If the diff is welded it will only be a solid axle, no chance of posi is available unless the welds break. If it’s welded, how will only one wheel spin.

    Someone is confused.

  2. artemonster Says:

    music sux( damn. cannot normally watch cause of this sh*t

  3. artemonster Says:

    and its so UGLY. THIS IS NO BUGGY. it has tooooo looong base for too small width. very unproportional

  4. Pouncer Says:

    Good to see it’s making trial runs. Nice work.
    I have to say I was thinking the rear wheel base is kinda narrow. Just wasn’t going to be a douche about how I said it.
    Seriously artemonster, just because no one knows who you are on the internet doesn’t mean you can act like a dick. Use some tact.

  5. artemonster Says:

    how do i say “that thing is uglier than my life” in tact form? %)

  6. FrankG Says:

    Mike – The cable lugs were crimped prior to soldering… But the description isn’t very clear about the rear-end…

    It has a slip diff now (un modified) and I’ll try to weld the spider gear in the gear-box so that it becomes a locked rear (both wheels spinning together…

    Artemonster – you can always turn down the volume, and realistically I don’t have a gun to your head to watch the video regardless, (though if somebody does have gun to your head, my vote is – “Pull the trigger” :))

    Pouncer – Agreed the rear is narrow, though that is due to the Massey Ferguson transaxel, It doesn’t seen unstable, but at this point it isn’t set-up for full speed (aiming for 30 to 40Km/h top speed).

    Also this unit is more so for use around the farm than as a recreational vehicle, so having the heavy gear-box and low gearing are more important than the looks (for now, perhaps ArteMonster will shine with more stellar pointers that I can use style wise)

  7. artemonster Says:

    ok. i’ve got the point %)

  8. arcnemisis Says:

    I am glad I waited for FrankG to speak on his behalf. There is a place for nay-saying and it is not here. That is why we come here. Good work, and I know Version #1 leads to many future revisions as things are tuned up. Keep it up FrankG @ theworkshop.ca. I wish I had the time to do the same right now.

  9. Dune Bug E - Dune Buggy Electric Conversion Part 6 - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] has completed the next phase in the Dune Bug E Build, we saw the last build update back in May. It is interesting to see what is involved in making a normal differential into a […]

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