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April 28, 2010

iHabitat Home Automation System

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Isn’t it great when technology is allowed to mesh together. With this iHabitat technology your house would become one large connected sensor and control network, you would be able to control it with anything from a cell phone to your laptop. The data that would be collected could show you things like where your bad energy habits are.

Thanks Jatinderjit.

“iHabitat is a home automation system based on the concept of “Internet of Things”, wherein every kind of gizmo (appliance,wall-socket,sensors etc) in the house is connected together as a network. The iHabitat system consists of several nodes installed/placed around the house. Each node is capable of communicating with any other node in the house. Gateway nodes are capable of connecting to the outside world over the internet. Each node is responsible for one of more functions which can include sensor data collection, appliance control or user-interface.”



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2 Responses to “iHabitat Home Automation System”

  1. David R. Says:

    “The data that would be collected could show you things like where your bad energy habits are.”
    Yeah, like all the computers/sensors/systems that are running 24/7 to make it work! I like having 90% of things unplugged when not being used. Of course, downside to that is the Comcrap TV box takes 20min for the tv guide to reload!

  2. ITIL_Prince Says:

    I don’t see how this qualifies as a “hack” so much as “future commercial product”. There’s no design notes, code, or anything other than a screenshot that could be used to create your own iHabitat device.

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