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April 26, 2010

IR to Remote Control Project

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This cool PIC Microcontroller based IR to Remote Control Project allows you to program codes from a standard remote control to control this small module. When setup you will be able to control two items from across the room. If you attempt this project make sure you are careful since line voltage is involved.

Thanks Muris.

“Features of current beta version of firmware:

– Controlling two independent appliances via remote controller and wall push-button
– Double-click on the push-button controls second channel B
– Learning IR codes from RC5 and NEC remotes
– Two modes of operation: Toggle and ON/OFF
– Sleep timer in duration of 2 minutes”


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8 Responses to “IR to Remote Control Project”

  1. ahooper Says:

    Although this looks like a great little project the image is a little worrying, Without looking at the project i can see a brown and blue wire connected to whats likley to be an SCR and the CF Lamp its likley that this carries 240V or 110V so having this thing laying in your hand is not a good idea.
    There should be a few BIG WARNINGS around this and although i know we are all hobiests i have seen people make circuts similar to these and nearly kill themselves in the process.

    That having been said this looks great!

  2. Muris Says:

    Thanks for the info!
    I am holding it because it is not powered into the 110/220V. In the schematics (when you download the project files) you can see a HV warning. And in the document explaining the device I also mentioned that it is dangerous to handle the device when it is powered.

  3. Wolf01 Says:

    Does it heat much? Have you tried it mounted on wall electrical boxes together other switches and plugs?
    I’m really interested on doing this in my house.

  4. Muris Says:

    I have this installed in every “wall electrical box” and works like a charm 🙂 It is small enough and can easily fit with the existing wiring inside that box. The triac doesn’t heat up at all with 75W bulb, and with CFL lamp it is cold as ice 🙂

  5. djiems Says:

    i appreciate your work.pls can you email me the circuit diagram ,program and the hex file? i will appreciate if you could do it. thanks

  6. junnior dacasin Says:

    can u give a schematic diagram.. thanks

  7. JOHN Says:

    where can i find the project files download?

  8. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi John,

    Please click on the link in the article.

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