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April 19, 2010

DIY Arduino based Delta Robot

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John Park posted a cool video of a DIY Delta Robot over at Make. Juan Uberstadt created this robot around an Arduino, we have seen other DIY Delta Robots before but this is the first one that is Arduino based.

“The trajectory is generated by a Pathplanner, which considers the Dynamics of the Structure. Maximum allowable torques in joints and maximum allowable forces in Rods are never exceeded. (The robot moves at maximum possible speed, constrained by max torque and max forces in rods).”


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5 Responses to “DIY Arduino based Delta Robot”

  1. Lars Says:

    sounds like he is sawing the table… 🙂

    still very cool thing, diy delta robot

  2. Rob Says:

    Any reason why 3 Arduinos were needed instead of one?

  3. Karel Says:

    Regarding the use of three arduinos: possibly parallel processing for the three servo’s?
    Here a reference to my DIY delta robot, controlled by a single parallax propeller 🙂

  4. Jens Overby Says:

    No, it is not sawing the table. One of the servos is making a lot of noise from the gears. I’ve replaced this servo lately.

  5. Jens Overby Says:

    I have implemented a PID regulation in each arduino. This puts a heavy load on the processor, in particular if you want the control loops to run at a high frequency like e.g. 10 kHz. It is possible to run the control of the servos using only 1 Arduino, but then you will have to compromize with the looping frequency. Also, I would like to have a certain amount of processor capacity for future improovements. This is why I have chosen 1 Arduino for each servo. For more information about the “Volksrobot”, please visit: http://sites.google.com/site/volksrobot

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