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April 15, 2010

Motion Feedback MP3 Player

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With this Motion Feedback MP3 Player you need to keep moving otherwise your tunes will get turned down. It uses a SparkFun MP3 Trigger , Parallax PIR Motion Sensor , and an ioBridge IO-204 Controller. Could this be the end of the mint tin cases? The French Vanilla Cafe tin looks to be a winner. šŸ™‚

“I wanted the IO-204 to change the volume of the MP3 track as motion is detected. As more motion is detected, the volume should increase to a maximum level by stepping through volume levels. IĀ decidedĀ on 4 volume levels as a first attempt. When the MP3 player starts a track the volume is low. I also decided to check the motion status every two seconds. If there isĀ continuousĀ motion, over 8 seconds the MP3 player will reach the highest volume level. The volume will step down in volume as activity decreases.”


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