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April 11, 2010

GSR-Monkey – Skin Conductance Measurement System

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In this GSR-Monkey (Skin Conductance Measurement System) Martin Sona uses the principle of galvanic skin response to plot some data onto a grid. Two people can be connected and monitored at the same time. I can imagine using this system as a two way lie detector, how often do you get to turn the tables when performing a lie detector test?

Via: Hacked Gadgets Comments

“The hardware (besides the PC itself) consists of four parts: the electrodes, two little amplifiers, a delphi/C++/etc programmable USB-Interface and last but not least a black and more or less evil looking monkey. After experimenting a bit with other materials I decided to make my own silver/silverchloride (Ag/AgCl) electrodes. Nonchlorided electrodes on the skin can polarize after a while which means that they themselves work a bit like a battery and emit current.”




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3 Responses to “GSR-Monkey – Skin Conductance Measurement System”

  1. Melissa Cordstone Says:

    hmm, very interesting, very interesting. with the robot balancing on a ball, I could kind of see where that ptoject is going, in terms of the future of robots, but I don’t quite understand the whole monkey suit business.

  2. Frank Says:

    I am a programmer
    my job is helping my workmate to interrogate the briber and bribee.
    I study the polygraph device and I find some key point such as: the data of Skin Conductance response is very important. The polygraph device need the professional person operate the device and a few clever skills.
    For most people, such as my workmates, include me, is impossible to use it .
    It is important that we have no more time to do polygraph with the briber and bribe when we deal some cases because of a lot of reasons.
    I want to get the data and show the graph with the skin conductance response of the briber and bribee during we interrogate the briber and bribe.
    It is very important that we need few skills do this.
    We need not know the other physiological data exactly. Just need the data of Skin Conductance response.
    I am good at coding with vb6,so I want get the device to help me programming.
    Can you help me to realize this idea?
    thank you!

  3. Frank Says:

    I have found this device,
    Skin Conductance Sensor SA9309M

    but how to connect to the pc through the RS485(I hope by this way to connect)
    and how to get data (used the modbus?)

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