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April 7, 2010

Squeeze Exploratory Robot

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If you need to explore a tight space or pull something from one point to another this Squeeze Exploratory Robot looks like it would be up to the task. The older Holio Robot was taller and had wheels instead of treads.

Via: HG Comments

” He crawls around between rafters and floor boards. His main role is to pull network cables and alarm across roof spaces too small for people.  His alternative role is to explore such spaces for cable routes.

  • Small and flat: 3.25″ tall, 7.25″ long and about 8″ long to the bottom of the antenna pivot.
  • Images are returned via a 2.4GHz camera.
  • The treads are motivated by digital servos modified for continuous rotation. They are built into the tread frame as not to take up any space in the central body. Yes, he’s slow but actually very powerful.”




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5 Responses to “Squeeze Exploratory Robot”

  1. Keith Says:

    Where did you get the treads from?

  2. NatureTM Says:

    Let me drive this thing and I will run your cables for free.

  3. DIY Rugged Exploration Robot! Says:

    […] via hackedgadgets Did you get an iPad? Don’t forget to check out our Top 10 Best iPad Accessories Review!.’; Tags: DIY-Robot, exploration robot, rugged robot Categories: DIY, Featured DIYs, Featured Gadgets, Featured Hacks, Gadgets, Hack, Projects. […]

  4. EvilPoliticians Says:

    Very cool. I went more low tech back in the 80’s. Worked at the Shack and used one of the RC 4×4’s to do the same. Put it in low and let ‘er crawl across the suspended ceiling “jungles”.

  5. Geoff Says:

    Hello Alan
    Could you send me some instruction on how to construct the track system and its control .
    I am trying to build an affordable inspetion / work robot platform. Either cable or rc

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