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April 4, 2010

Automatic LED Stair Lighting

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Our friend Edo who brought us the cool 64 RGB LED Table has just installed some stair lights into his stairwell.  Edo has started a new Youtube account which will contain all of his interactive furniture creations. I spoke to Edo about his creation and he didn’t know about the stair lighting controller that we sell, all I can think is that creative minds think alike. 🙂 Our original prototype Stair Lighting system has a bunch of detail available here. Keep up the great projects Edo!

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Reactive Lighting Stair Lights


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18 Responses to “Automatic LED Stair Lighting”

  1. Pete Says:

    I like this. I will review the kit as my parents could use something like this. It is funny as I have been thinking about a project along the same lines too.

  2. Salvy Says:

    Very nice, this is a good invention. Many falls will be prevented.

  3. Lemon Says:

    cool.. i also thinked of that some time ago 😉 nice to see how it looks.. good work

  4. Lemon Says:

    hmm.. does it use of one contact on each side ? i was thinking of a motion sensor at every light, so maybe you can stop and go reverse while waking the stairs…

  5. Stairs Light up with LEDs Each Time you Step Says:

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  6. Stairs Light up with LEDs Each Time you Step | Interior Design Sense Says:

    […] When I pressed the play button on this video and saw this smart idea I immediately fall in love with it. A short summary of this video would be : “The stairs detects when a person enters it and activates the integrated lighting.” – and is a DIY version created by Edo for his stairwell, making good use of energy efficient LEDs to keep his stairwell lighted with each step. I’m pretty sure that not to many people have technical know-how to build something like this, but remember that there are always professionals who can help you. What do you think about this idea ? – Via – HG […]

  7. Interactive LED Staircase Lights! Says:

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  8. Homebrew interactive stair lighting | SquareCows Says:

    […] The only thing I can think of that would be better is if it also had a piano built in. [via hacked gadgets] […]

  9. JayE Says:

    Hi Alan,
    Can your stair light controller be programmed to sequence the “on” scene similar to Edo’s (rather than the all fade on seen in your video)?

  10. xepp magazine » Homebrew interactive stair lighting Says:

    […] The only thing I can think of that would be better is if it also had a piano built in. [via hacked gadgets] […]

  11. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi JayE,

    Our module could do it but the default operation is just to ramp the lights on and turn them off one at a time. That was done for animals since they tend to bound up stairs very quickly. It could be changed in code though.

  12. Hamburger konstruiert RGB-LED-Tisch - Seite 5 - Die Hardware-Community fr PC-Spieler - PC GAMES HARDWARE EXTREME Says:

    […] […]

  13. Desta Says:

    I like it:-)
    we did one like that but it was down a hallway (video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBpAxVqYUDw) but if it were shorter i would have used a long range ultrasonic sensor instead of the motion sensors as it would be a lot easier to wire and it would know where you were and could turn on the lights in front of you as you walk.
    i would think Alan could adjust the program it to make it work with the controller?

  14. Dave Says:

    HAve you created a version of this that allows for the sequencing as in the Edo video yet. I am looking for something that will do the stairs one at a time and also something that can be put on a pressure plate. Let me know.

  15. Fire Fly Says:

    amazing invention

  16. rodrigo Says:

    where can I buy it?- the automatic stair led lights

  17. J. J Berry Says:

    Are these kits still available for sale?

  18. Keith Says:


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