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March 30, 2010

ioBridge Text Messaging Security System

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Next time you are going to be leaving your house unattended for a long duration why not allow your house to send you a text message if there’s an intruder? That is exactly what Noel Portugal did with an ioBridge module and a few motion sensors. If that wasn’t enough the ioBridge has been programmed to pan the camera in the direction of the motion.

If you want an ioBridge for yourself have a look at the current contest where the prize is an ioBridge IO-204 controller.

“I created 2 ioBridge messaging actions to send me a TXT message if any of the PIR sensor went to the ON position (note that I only activated this action while away to avoid receiving a huge amount of TXTs) and also a Digital input to servo position action to move the camera to the direction of movement.”


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