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March 29, 2010

ZeroPlus Logic Cube Hacked

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The guys at Openschemes got their hands on a Zero Plus Logic Analyzer, they purchased the cheap 16 channel version and soon learned that with about $5.00 in parts they could convert it into the same hardware as the more expensive 32 channel version. There are some very fine pitch parts to solder so this mod isn’t for the beginner solderer. There is also a final step of making the onboard firmware recognize the additional hardware inputs, Openschemes doesn’t get into that but I think this software is what you need.

“The total cost is less than $5 in parts.  We bought everything but the 74LVT16245 from HSC, so the prices listed are what we paid.  We bought the 74LVT16245’s from Mouser because they don’t gouge like Digi-Key or Arrow.

Here’s what you will need:

  • 1x 74LVT16245B 3-state Bus Transceiver ($0.56)
  • 48x 1MEG SMT resistors (48x $0.02)
  • 16x 510 Ohm SMT Resistors (16x $0.02)
  • 16 10pF SMT Capacitors (16x $0.05)
  • 2x 10k SMT Resistors (2x $0.02)
  • 2x 36k SMT Resistors
  • 8x 120nF SMT Capacitors
  • 2x 1.2uH SMT Inductors
  • 2x 12pF SMT Capacitors (2x $0.05)”