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March 21, 2010

DIY Camera Crane

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If you want to add some of those cool video where the camera swoops in from overhead or pulls back into the sky? Well if you are handy with the tools and have $10 dollars to spare why not make your own!  This DIY Camera Crane uses two lengths of wood that pivot on the stand which allows the camera mount to stay true.

Thanks for sending it in Andrew.

“The two 2×2’s are connected to the pivot, camera end and operator end with 1/4” bolts and nuts. This system is simple yet effective. The brackets on the camera and operator side are exactly the same, and are made of thin sheet metal. I spot-welded the metal together at school. The central pivot point is made out of thick steel bar that has been bent into a rectangle. The two ends were mig welded together. If you do not have access to a welder, you could do the same with pop-rivets or screws. The central pivot point connects to the stand with a 1/4” bolt, as that was what the stand would accept. The stand was from an old utility light.”


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5 Responses to “DIY Camera Crane”

  1. wolf Says:

    Cool idea. Only one little problem. You need some way to control the tilt of the camera. Otherwise, it will just point straight ahead and you can’t do those fancy shots you mentioned.

  2. Stan Says:

    This is cool! Now all you need is to make it motion control with servos. 🙂

  3. Filming Hack – How to Make a DIY Camera Crane! Says:

    […] via hackedgadgets Tags: diy camera crane, filming hack, how-to, make Categories: Camcorders, Cameras, DIY, Featured DIYs, Featured Gadgets, Featured Hacks, Gadgets, HOWTO, Hack, Projects. […]

  4. cheap pat testing Says:

    very nice diy camera crane, would come in handy if you where a student or on a budget thats for sure

  5. Tracy Halladay Says:

    I’m impressed!!!!!

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