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March 13, 2010

Electronic Business Card

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Having a memorable business card is a big plus and we have seen some of these cards before, the Gear Business Card comes to mind. Aaron Alai has designed and created an Electronic Business Card that I guarantee no one who is lucky enough to receive will ever toss in the garbage. The only drawback is that each card takes Aaron 1 hour to make, hopefully he lands his dream job before making these business cards becomes a full time job!

“When I touch the business card a small and imperceivable (I can’t feel it) amount of current flows from the battery into my fingers and out to the transistor. Upon entering the transistor the small amount of current makes the transistor more conductive, allowing a greater number of electrons to flow through the transistor.  This greater number of electrons passes thought the light making it glow. “


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21 Responses to “Electronic Business Card”

  1. Shadyman Says:

    What did he say he used to dye the substrate with? Writ dye?

    That’s pretty cool.. I’d never heard of dying the substrate before!

  2. Ld3300 Says:

    I think he meant Rit Dye

  3. Shadyman Says:

    That makes sense.

  4. Inventorjack Says:

    RIT is the brand of fabric dye you’ll find at nearly any grocery store.

    I hadn’t thought of dying the substrate either. Gives you the ability to make homemade PCBs of any color you can imagine. I wonder how permanent it is? The end result looks wonderful in the video/pictures.

  5. Inventorjack Says:

    And the URL for Rit: http://www.ritdye.com/home.lasso

  6. svofski Says:

    Cool, but shouldn’t 1 battery be enough?

  7. Tod E. Kurt Says:

    Two batteries are required to get the 3V needed to light the white LED. (which has a turn-on voltage around 3V)

  8. Paul Says:

    I would of had aaron@aaronalai.com over aaronalai1@gmail.com as an email address.

    Cool business card 🙂

  9. Chris Says:

    1 battery is enough if he’d use a driver IC and a small coil. if the coil would be etched onto the board it’ll look really need. maybe you do an update?!

  10. Chris Says:

    it’ll look really neat, not need. sorry

  11. Inventorjack Says:

    They do make button cells in 3V as well. In fact you can buy them in bulk of 1000 on ebay for like $20. Not much in mAH, but plenty to make it light up dozens or hundreds of times.

  12. Bizcard Says:

    He could turn it into a print design. I can see a lot of professionals selecting the template. Very creative artwork.

  13. Aaron ALAI Says:

    The batteries were the hardest part. I needed something as thin or thinner than the substrate but also 3V, which is why there are two batteries. I also wanted batteries with enough juice to keep the light on for a while; I have calculated that the batteries can keep the led on for about 3 days straight. I didn’t think people would be so interested in the substrate dyeing technique, I’ll have to document that part when I make my next batch. I tried a bunch of different chemicals and different application techniques before I figured out how to get a really nice color.

  14. Haku Says:

    I like it!

    The only thing I think could top that would be one with a piece of acrylic in the middle, then with an LED or two placed on the side it would light up a logo scratched or laser-etched in the acrylic.

    Like these christmas cards: http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/edgelitcards which I copied the idea and made a bunch of USB-powered versions for friends in christmas ’08.

  15. gadgets » Blog Archive » Video: Electronic Business Card Says:

    […] [Via Hacked Gadgets] […]

  16. tom Says:

    Nice, creative. What’s the name of the molecule? Is it a hormone?

  17. Lacy Says:

    That’s a neat card. I’d be a little leery of touching the battery, though.

  18. Macrame Melissa Says:

    wow, what a true labor of love. How much time does it take to make up a batch of these electronic business cards? How many can you make in one batch? I hope when people receive them, they understand how much time and effort you put into it!

  19. John Dee Says:

    That’s one creative business card! I can imagine the time when majority of the business cards would be electronic.

  20. Document Binders Says:

    Wow that is actually really cool. It is definitely one of the most memorable business cards I have ever seen. I love the ‘experience science and nourish your mind’ line on it.

  21. bumperize Says:

    Pretty awesome. A business card never to be forgotten.

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