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March 12, 2010

Mark1.5 CoilMaster Upgrade – Now Charges in 1 Second

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Our friend Daniel Eindhoven from Megavolts has been hard at work improving on the coil gun that we featured here before. The new circuit modifications allows the gun to fire every second now. The new halogen charge resistors look much cooler also.

“At the moment the only limiting factor for fire rate is the charge time, this is the time the capacitor bank takes to get fully charged. This time can be influenced by the charging resistor, a lower value charge resistor will reduce the charge time but increase the charge current.

The first version of the CoilMaster has a 150W bulb as charge resistor, at the time I was pretty fond of the (relatively) short charge time. But I recently realized that it could be improved by a LOT. This upgrade takes charge time to the next level. In stead of one 150W bulb now  2x1000W halogen tubes are used, the entire charge circuit had to be upgraded to handle the peak currents.”


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4 Responses to “Mark1.5 CoilMaster Upgrade – Now Charges in 1 Second”

  1. Matthew Gaffen Says:

    Nice to see some progress on this project.

    Does anyone know if the barrel has been rifled? The slugs seem to take an odd ‘tumbling’ trajectory, probably takes a little force out of the impact (plus it can’t help accuracy).


  2. the_third_kind Says:

    hahaha… Now when our robot overlords take over we’ll have something to fight them with…
    I agree with what Matt said… next step should be rifling the barrel… sweet…

  3. olum Says:

    @ 1:50 : Thats about it, epic music fail!

  4. b0b Says:

    Yeah – this gun looks quite unsuspicious. Perfect for the battlefield – at least if it is in las vegas. 😉

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