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March 12, 2010

El Jugador – Open-Source Game Console

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Our friends over at Gadget Gangster have recently released the El Jugador – Open-Source Game Console. If you had an old game console growing up it will probably bring back come memories. You can also see some additional information in the Instructable.

Via: HG Forum


  • Make your own games with just a little coding experience
  • SD Card bootloader so you don’t need any special programming hardware
  • PAL or NTSC video output with audio
  • Dual Controller Ports for multiplayer games
  • Modular so you can add modules things like battery packs or protoboards.
  • High-Performance 32-bit, 160 MIPS CPU
  • Open Source under the MIT license
  • Overclock-able up to 200 MIPS with a 6.25Mhz Crystal”