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March 12, 2010

Beer Battery

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We have seen some some strange batteries before, the potato battery comes to mind. When I think of beer, electrolyte isn’t the first thing I think of but the picture above is a beer battery. Watch the video below to see the battery lighting an LED. Now it just needs to be scaled up a bit to charge an iPod.

Via HG Forum

“The core of this device is the voltaic pile invented by alesandro volta in the year 1800, which consists of a copper and zinc electrode immersed in a liquid electrolyte. For this experiment I replaced the salt water from his original design with beer! And it works!”


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9 Responses to “Beer Battery”

  1. Tom Fisk Says:

    Using perfectly good beer to make a battery? That’s alcohol abuse! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Tietjan Says:

    the 1700s just called – they want their equipment and outfit back !

  3. Multiple Monitor Says:

    Alchol is very versitile…lol.

  4. techqc Says:

    Making stale ale, looks like.

  5. pryapart Says:

    Couldn’t you just drink the beer, then pee into those tubes to get the same effect? Why waste the beer?

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  9. Nilesh Says:

    Good in countries where beer is cheaper than water ! (Germany I think).

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