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February 24, 2010

LED Wave Display

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Csaba Bleuer sent in some pictures and a video of his new creation. It is a LED Wave Display, you just wave it back and forth and text is displayed in mid air. You might remember the Fan Motor Spinning LED Display of his that we featured here in the past. If you think this device looks similar you would be right, he took the display from the spinning display and mounted a 4 X AA battery holder to it, mounted a small circuit board onto the new device and made a switch that detected motion to the top.  If you would like to make your own Csaba has made the code available.


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4 Responses to “LED Wave Display”

  1. John Says:

    This is pretty cool, I’ve seen commercial versions but it’s always nice to have access to the code for making your own.

    Just a head’s up, while the custom switch he made is absolutely admirable, one can save a bit of time by going to the local dollar store / discount store and picking up a cheap pedometer. Inside is a pcb-mounted spring-loaded lever/pendulum switch that would be a perfect match for this application. I would anticipate that the component might be found via some electronic suppliers as well.

  2. Dual Screens Says:

    wow! that’s super neato

  3. Muris Says:

    Funky stuff, it is also on my webpage.

  4. POV DIY – How to Make a Simple Wave LED Display! Says:

    […] via hackedgadgets Download latest version of Flash to view video!. Click Here to View in Full Screen Mode Tags: how-to, make, pov display, pov diy, simple, wave led Categories: Circuits, DIY, Featured DIYs, HOWTO, Hack, LED, Projects. Advertising Advertise Here […]

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