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February 23, 2010

Digital Effects Guitars Pedal based on a PIC 16F877a Microcontroller

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Colin Merkel sent in his cool PIC 16F877a Microcontroller based Digital Effects Guitars Pedal. I don’t play myself but I can imagine how fun this pedal would be to jam with. Colin has provided the schematic and code so that you can also build your own if you’re musically inclined.

“I used a number of ICs in the construction of this project, they are listed below.

– PIC16F877a with 20MHz oscillator
– 23k256 RAM operating at 20MHz, interfaced via three-wire SPI
– A standard 9V single throw relay (though I recommend double throw, they are more useful)
– IRFD120 N-channel MOSFET for powering the relay
– LM358 operational amplifier
– 1 Mohm trim pot (for mixing ADC and unprocessed guitar when the pedal is not in “kill” mode)
– a bunch of 10k and 20k ohm resistors for the DAC
– 4 switches
– Aluminum enclosure
– Two LEDs
– 3 10k potentiometers
– lots and lots of stranded-core wire
– Guitar audio jacks
– Barrel plug socket for DC adapter”


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6 Responses to “Digital Effects Guitars Pedal based on a PIC 16F877a Microcontroller”

  1. Guitar DIY – How to Make a Digital Guitar Pedal! Says:

    […] via hackedgadgets […]

  2. Les Paul player Says:

    Interesting pedal, audio demo – funny sound)

  3. Multi-Monitor Says:

    Where can I get one of those for my rig?

  4. Multi-Monitor Says:

    I’d like to try one of these with my set up

  5. Jezrael Says:

    Cool loop pedal dude!

  6. ndrewoods Says:

    That’s a good looking pedal. How bout the effect or the feedback of it when a guitar is played? Is it good?

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