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February 21, 2010

DIY Gentle Wake Up Alarm Clock

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If you are a light sleeper and don’t need much to wake you up in the morning then this DIY Gentle Wake Up Alarm Clock by Michiel Spithoven might be the ticket for you. On the other hand if you can sleep through a thunderstorm then you may want to look into a real loud alarm clock instead. 🙂

“First I wrote some test code to check of a small microchip with internal crystal can manage to keep track of time. Well.., uuuuh.., the result was I lost three minutes a hour, not great.
Not having any crystals and it being Sunday I search for other ways of getting a decent timing signal. After some brainstorming I pulled a old alarm clock and search for a usable signal, I struck gold with a nice 1Hz signal.”




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6 Responses to “DIY Gentle Wake Up Alarm Clock”

  1. Berni Says:

    And did he give a toght of where the real alarm clock gets the 1Hz signal? There are no crystals on it.Its being divided off the mains 50/60Hz frequency! Aperantly the 50/60Hz is very accurate and so most alarm clock use it as a clock source.

  2. Michiel Spithoven Says:

    Berni, you are right, this clock gets his signal from the mains 50Hz (in this case) frequency.
    But you have to admit that it is a nice weekend project.., or not?!

  3. Berni Says:

    That it is for sure, just saying he could have replaced that whole clock pcb with a resistor to the supply transfer.

  4. Gentle wake up alarm - Hack a Day Says:

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  5. Todd Henkel Says:

    That 10″ or 12″ woofer doesn’t look “gentle wakeup” to me…

  6. Circuit Hack – How to Make a Light Bulb Alarm Clock! Says:

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