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February 18, 2010

Voodoo Magic High Frequency Healing Device from the 1930s

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Our friend Daniel Eindhoven from the Netherlands has got his hands on an interesting piece of ancient medical equipment. He will be refurbishing this Voodoo Magic High Frequency Healing Device from the 1930s. I wonder if Dr. Eindhoven does house calls. 🙂 It is truly quite shocking what people used to do to cure you. I guess some of its applications are not far fetched even these days though.

“This device works with some kind of electrodes consisting of glass tubes filled with different types of gas. There was also a copy of a leaflet with all the different electrodes that they sold in this particular shop. Prices in guilders. Most electrodes should go at very odd places, some at your eyes, others in holes and crevices which I can not mention here, partly because I won’t be able to access my own site anymore (due to the filter). I made sure to clean and disinfect the electrodes thoroughly, and I’m (obviously) not going to use them in the manner they were intended.”




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15 Responses to “Voodoo Magic High Frequency Healing Device from the 1930s”

  1. me Says:

    Look up violet wand…they’re still used.

    Pretty common toy actually.

  2. Jonathan Says:

    Today they call that a violet wand. Appliances based on nearly the same principle are sold today as “adult toys”.

  3. Bob Davis Says:

    I would love to get my hands one one of these older devices. Many modern versions are available. Just google Rife tubes. The modern version uses a 2N3055 to drive a car ignition transformer. Has anyone tried one of these on diabetic sores? I suspect it would be very effective….

  4. Plasma2002 Says:

    I have one of these… Ive been trying to figure out if there is something I can use it for. Im definetly not using my attachments the way they were intended either… wouldnt be pretty.

    Protip: if you hold a light bulb up to the electrode, it becomes an instant “lightning dome”

  5. tbone Says:

    Yeah, y mom had one of these in the 70’s. all glass and when you turned it on it glowed purple and made this buzzing sound. If you touched it, it felt like a shocking sensation. I think she used it for Electrolysis.

  6. NatureTM Says:

    I’m not much of an “alternative medicine” guy. Therefore, I’d only be interested in medically accepted uses of electric shock. I could see it being used for some sort of pain relief.

    As far as an adult toy, I guess you could see if you’ve found the right/wrong girl by whether or not she’s willing to use it. It’s up to you to decide which way to interpret her reaction.

    As glass is an insulator, I’m wondering if the sensation is due to HV static electricity or some kind of capacitance effect. I’m not much of a EE theory guy (yet.)

  7. bill beaty Says:

    Tesla Coils, current-limited with a high-resistance, low-pressure glass electrode!

    The high-freq AC goes right through the glass.

    Probably these have some real effects. They generate plasma, which can sterilize surfaces. They also drive ozone and nitrogen oxides deep into your skin (smell your hand after stroking that glowing electrode!)

    Nikola Tesla’s business adviser was going crazy because all kinds of companies were springing up to sell these devices, and Tesla refused to do anything. He wouldn’t patent his medical discoveries. (If he had, then he probably could have funded all his own later research!)

  8. Z Says:

    exactly right bill with the ozone. My girl worked for a skin treatment “school” for a while. they had a device called a galvanic skin treatment unit that was just like these(newer & fancier looking) they claimed clears skin of pimples. I was very interested when she told me of the machine as Ive been using a plasma globe held very close to the skin & the ozone it creates to clear pimples for years. you laugh but try it, it works.

  9. Muris Says:

    wow, our parents were sure freaky as hell! 🙂

  10. Andrey Says:

    Is it the same thing as “d’Arsonval device”? It is sold nowdays http://www.amazon.com/High-Frequency-Darsonval-Home-Device/dp/B001VII87W/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=hpc&qid=1266577187&sr=8-3

  11. Systematic Says:

    This device is an important part of the movie „Postřižiny“ [ http://www.csfd.cz/film/6665-postriziny/ ]

  12. Dual Screens Says:

    this is crazy…people are pretty gullible…

  13. Alex Hamilton Says:

    Ha, glad someone else picked up on the “Adult Toy” aspect.
    It’s quite big on the BDSM scene in the UK … (don’t ask how I know. “Nothing to see here, folks” 😉 )

  14. Daniel Morales Says:

    I remember one of my friends that fixes electronics was given (a more modern) one of these to fix! I asked him “What the hell is that” and he told me they use it for medical purposes! LOL

  15. Alex Says:

    although it may proguce ozone, it also produces UV rays, carcinogenics…
    You wouldn’t want to keep those in front of your eyes or too close to your skin-real danger
    for the skin.

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