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February 17, 2010

Stepper Motor Driven Linear Clock

at 10:24 am. Filed under Electronic Hacks

Here is an interesting Linear Clock that is driven by two Stepper Motors. It is using an Arduino Mega as the brain and an Adafruit motor shield to interface to two stepper motors. The stepper motors turn a lead screw that moves two nuts up an down to indicate the current time.

Via: Adafruit


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3 Responses to “Stepper Motor Driven Linear Clock”

  1. NatureTM Says:

    People talk about Arduino being an overpriced/overkill solution. It never bothered me much, but seeing the things people are using the Mega for is starting to get to me…

  2. Digilital Says:

    I once used a Mega for 2 flashing LEDs, because I had no other…

  3. vic Says:

    Obviously this is a temporary hack, he calls it a ‘prototype’, so it makes perfect sense to use a generic dev board for this.

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