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February 16, 2010

McDonalds Kids Meal Avatar Toy Taken Apart

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We have all seen the McDonalds Kids Meal Toys, they usually last about a day and a half before they find their way into the trash. David Cook from the Robot Room decided to take an Avatar McDonalds Toys apart to see what made it tick. Turns out there isn’t much for electronics since it uses an ASIC to get the work done. One neat feature is that the piezo element is used as a sound device and a vibration sensor. The board is also well documented, I was actually surprised to see any silk screen! Interesting design but I am disappointed that this thing is made to be disposable, there are a stack of batteries inside that were not meant to ever be changed.

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64 Responses to “McDonalds Kids Meal Avatar Toy Taken Apart”

  1. Patrick Says:

    I’ve looked into alot of concepts that by now should be or are able to be built. If I wanted to get money to build something that I know would work, even if it wasn’t superfast, but know it would work, where would I go to get the money, to build my project?

  2. VJ Cellers Says:

    Patrick – you have to build some sort of werking prototype, then get ahold of the advertisers. You probably won’t be able to reach the correct person at Mcdonalds – so try the advertisers instead. That’s my best guess, but I’ve never submited anything. You also might try getting an agent, but what do I know?

  3. soooosie Says:

    YOU all make me laugh! ROFLMAO

  4. Randomedude Says:

    “We have all seen the McDonalds Kids Meal Toys, they usually last about a day and a half before they find their way into the trash” – wtf? My McDonald’s toys are working till this day. That’s more than 10 yers.

  5. buzzball Says:

    i got a kfc watch about 7 years ago never changed batteries still working

  6. TraeTalley Says:

    Any of you actually seen any of the McDonald’s toys that are meant/made for McDonald’s China? Every single I have seen has no batteries or electronics whatsoever. When I was younger I do remember certain ones with a battery compartment where you can stick a star or triangle screwdriver into and change the batteries but that was about 20 something years ago or so. You are all VERY funny especially those who argue.

  7. Keitaro Says:

    Wow…. o.o;

  8. Bebop Says:

    Americans are Lazy, take your kid to fast food instead of fixing them something at home, I blame the parents and their parents that started the tread, fast food is just taking advantage of this laziness.

    Everyone could recycle, hardly anyone does because there is no incentive. The tech points of this article are however what this stream is about and that is pretty cool.

  9. tropical_crossdressing_bird Says:

    McDonald’s food does taste like shit and makes you feel as such almost immediately afterward, but that’s neither here nor there. It’s like eating actual shit, you should know by now that its not good for you. And the toys mostly suck, but can be amusing. I don’t think supporting McDonald’s in anyway is a good idea.

    I do, however, like the article. Neat little nerd toys for us. If only I knew more about electronics themselves I probably would buy a shit ton of these godforsaken happy meals, toss the food, keep the drink(soda is a nice treat), and then build stupid little alarms and utilize them for my own amusement. I guess that would be ok, at least I would be taking something useless and using my mind to make it marginally useful. Maybe this doesn’t make sense.

    I really can’t believe that someone would stand up for McDonald’s though. That thought blows my mind. I always liked the phrase,’going to McDonald’s for a salad is like going to a crack house for vitamins.’ It makes a lot of fucking sense. Did I cover the majority of the points in all previous posts?

    Either way, the entire lecture on the properties and uses of quartz by whoever stated such was pretty interesting. So yeah, I’m glad I read all this shit regardless of the lack of intelligence for some of the posts.


  10. Doug Says:

    This is for you morons complaining about McDonald’s food: Rat poison is no good for you and insecticide spray is no good either. You obviously don’t eat the rat poison and you don’t drink the insecticide. Why? Because nobody if forcing you to do it. Well, nobody is forcing you to eat McDonald’s food either. So stop minding everybody else’s business with your stupid comments. Those of us that enjoy it will those of you that don’t then DON’T. But shut the F_CK up with you sanctimonious whining you azzholes!

  11. Erin Says:

    I agree with Doug, eat or don’t eat it, it’s not even what the article was talking about. If you think it is horrid for you then good for you if you love it good for you. They do not charge for the toy, if there are batteries in it there are batteries in it. If you feel up to rippin the thing apart and taking out the batteries go ahead. I think people need to grow up. I am fat cause I eat too much, I recycle because I choose to and no one shoving their opinion down my throat is going to change that. If you buy your child a toy that lights up and it breaks do you dismantle it before you throw it away, probably not. So many people started commenting that they don’t even know what the article even was saying and just find another reason to put their two cents in.

  12. MyNameIsBuddy Says:

    at least that toy is good enough to be a dog’s biting place 😀

  13. wolf Says:

    what the h@ll happened with this post started as a guy taking apart a toy commenting on the cool electronic device in it and it got all blown to hell, get a life people.

  14. MarkMo Says:

    Well wolf, Why are you commenting dont you have a life? The internet is a social chat for some people.. just accept it buddy..

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