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February 15, 2010

X-mini II and X-mini MAX II Capsule Speaker Review

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X-mini sent in a few speakers for review. I have been kicking the X-mini II and X-mini MAX II Capsule Speakers around for a few weeks now. The X-mini II is shown above, it’s a single speaker mono device, the X-mini MAX II is the one shown below and is a stereo speaker set. Both speakers come with a USB charging cable, audio input jacks and a carrying bag.

The X-mini II is quite well designed, it has a smooth rubberized feel that provides a nice anti slip surface. There is an integrated audio input jack that snaps into the bottom of the unit which means that after it is charged up you can just un-clip the audio input wire and jack it right into your MP3 player. What makes this little speaker stand out is the cool accordion center which expands the internal speaker volume and enhances the bass sound quite a bit. The speaker is expanded by giving the two halves a twist. The sound level of this small speaker is limited, I would describe the volume being comparable  to a full size laptop speaker system however the sound quality is much better. The included bag makes this perfect to bring some tunes down to the river when doing some fishing with a few friends or to lunch when you want to share some tunes.

The X-mini MAX II is a set of stereo speakers. Just like the X-mini II these speakers also twist open and have an accordion center. They also snap together into their compact egg shape with the help of some magnets built into the underside of each speaker. I have been using these speakers with my laptop and I am impressed with the sound level and quality that these small speakers can produce. They are much better than my built in laptop speakers as long as they are being used in the expanded air volume configuration. The size of the speaker is a bit too big to stuff into a laptop bag easily so I think they would be ideal as a stationary set of speakers that are used when your laptop is in a set location. As I type this I am unfortunately not listening to them since my 10 year old daughter fell in love with them and has swiped them to use with her iPod. The internal battery lasts a long time between charges so you don’t need to be concerned too much about that.

Overall the build quality of the two speakers are great, they are not going to replace your home stereo but they can make listening to music on your laptop or portable music player very enjoyable.

If you are looking for something a bit bigger, complete your audio system with a bookshelf speaker.

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