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February 13, 2010

DIY Speaker Rebuild Kit Installation

at 4:22 pm. Filed under DIY Hacks


I have taken a few speakers apart over the years to see what makes them tick but I have never rebuilt one. Keith Neufeld goes over the details of how to perform a DIY Speaker Rebuild Kit Installation on his Keith’s Electronics Blog. The process doesn’t look all that bad but it isn’t something you can knock off in an afternoon. There is some serious glue drying periods that drag out the procedure. Sure looks like the effort was worth it though! I am jealous of your sub Keith, it would sure kick my Velodyne. 🙁

“After running some tests, I put the cabinet into position behind the couch and fired up the DVD player. I’ve decided to call the speaker “Mr. Adequate.” Mr. Adequate is a massive improvement over my previous 150W 15″ subwoofer. From anywhere in the room it kicks me right in the base of the spine … which makes me eager to recone drivers for the CW218V dual subwoofer, because I really want it to kick me in the chest.”