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January 23, 2010

Hard Drive LED Clock

at 1:07 pm. Filed under Computer Hacks, Electronic Hacks

Martin sent in a video of his Hard Drive LED Clock which is based on the original Hard Drive Clock that I built quite a few years ago. Martin is going to change the color of the LEDs and mount all the electronics into the hard drive.


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7 Responses to “Hard Drive LED Clock”

  1. Reality Live Says:

    So amazing! I want to build one of this

  2. NatureTM Says:

    I’ve made one I’ll be showing off soon hopefully. I have this problem where I keep changing and rewriting the code cause I feel like it could be better. Hopefully I’ll feel like it’s “finished enough” some day.

  3. lwr20 Says:

    @NatureTM: ‘Release early, release often’ – get *something* out there – people will understand that its a pre-alpha (or whatever). You can still update it with the next (prettier) version of the code when its done – but in the meantime the world has something to get its teeth into 🙂

    And in my case, it means I’ve got something to refer to when I come back to an old project and have forgotten what it was all about! 🙂

  4. termination Says:

    What I wonder is, how do you keep the harddisk spinning?
    Every single one I have shuts down after a while, because it detects an error.

  5. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi termination,

    Many of modern hard drives will shut down if there is no computer attached.

  6. NatureTM Says:

    Hi termination. I used a hobbyist esc in mine. They’re used in model airplanes to drive the motor. The type of motor in your hdd will determine the type of esc you can use, if any. I got mine for about $10 on DealExtreme. My before that, I was going to periodically interrupt power to the HDD to get it to reset. It should be easy to test how well your particular hdd will support this method. You could use a MOSFET to let the microcontroller control the power to the HDD.

  7. termination Says:

    I think i’ll use the same method as described here:
    As that eliminates the harddisk controller alltogether. Plus it’s small.

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