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January 21, 2010

Permanent Eyeglasses Tattoo

at 6:16 am. Filed under Human Hacks


I have seen some other face tattoos before, some simple and others were quite elaborate. But this one is quite funny since this Permanent Eyeglasses Tattoo doesn’t look like a tattoo.

People getting a tattoo on lower back is more common than getting one done in or anywhere near the facial area.

Via: SandU


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28 Responses to “Permanent Eyeglasses Tattoo”

  1. Brandon Says:

    Brilliant idea. We’ll see you at McDonald’s.

  2. Tom Fisk Says:

    Sick, sick, sick…

  3. ben Says:

    Dude… you’re a f**kin idiot to get a tatt like that.
    Seriously man.
    F**kin idiot.

    PS. stop taking pills!

  4. Wayne D. Says:

    Boo, this post kind of sucks. Bring on the gadgets!

  5. Pouncer Says:

    ok then. But what happens when thick black frames are no longer the style? (kidding)

  6. JP Says:

    This is a FAKE!
    Proof: http://www.adverblog.com/archives/004158.htm
    It’s a RayBan viral marketing spot!

  7. Fuggy Says:

    T.W.A.T!!! i think is the right comment for this.

    O and where is the hack part? tats are not hacks!

  8. Spud Says:

    What a retard!

  9. crafties Says:

    where is the hack ?? ffs this is a rubbish RayBan spoof.

  10. Maigo Says:

    Could have just gotten non prescription lenses if he wanted to look smart
    Whats he gonna do when he’s old and REALLY needs glasses?

  11. Joe Says:

    The length some people will go to get a little tail.

  12. Nelson Says:


  13. Mandela Says:

    Is this a hack?!
    This is not the reason I visit hacked gadgets…

  14. Pouncer Says:

    Oh good heavens…..starting to sound like HAD. ‘Not a hack!’ whiners are here too!

  15. Z Says:

    I hope youre right JP otherwise this guy’s an f-ing red assed baboon.

  16. Plato Says:

    Just think, your tax dollars are spent to support this guy’s future living expenses…

  17. Dual Monitors Says:

    wow! Holy sh*t biscuits that’s risky…interesting idea, just a big commitment…good luck

  18. Stunmonkey Says:


    WTF dude? If it isn’t a hack, it just isn’t a hack. This is a topical blog, and this is neither on topic nor anywhere in the vicinity.

    You may enjoy just any random disjointed shiny shit streaming across on your screen, so go Digg or something. Some of us want, say, hacked gadgets on a site called “hacked gadgets”.

  19. F. Says:

    Could this in any functional or technically interesting way be hacked to actually correct his vision? (rhetorical question…)

  20. vic Says:

    @Stunmonkey & al: What the hell? Do you think you own this blog or something? And you could argue it’s a body hack 😛
    Or more like a PR hack, since it’s apparently a viral ad for RayBan. I don’t know if the tattoo is real or not though.

  21. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hey Guys,

    For those who don’t like this content just skip it. This type of article will never be the focus of this site but you will see some of this crazy stuff from time to time.

  22. Stunmonkey Says:

    Hey, it’s your blog.
    While I still think its perfectly reasonable for people to expect that a site called hackedgadgets.com might cover, say, hacked gadgets, you have every right to place on here whatever you like.
    Remember also that readers have every right to move to blogs that deliver content, not filler, which is why you likely picked up many of us former HAD readers in the first place.

  23. ericwertz Says:

    “but you will see some of this crazy stuff from time to time.”

    Still no reason to celebrate stupidity. That’s what popular culture is for.

  24. YouMadeMeSad Says:

    Why is this shit being posted on almost every blog? i think its very lame and now that I heard its an ad its even more lame – super-lame! *shaking head*

    Apart from this post this is a very nice blog, keep up the good work!

  25. Tattoo Supplies Los Angeles Says:

    I hope this guy has lasik done. It would be real crazy if he had to wear glasses eventually.

  26. Melissa Cordstone Says:

    wow, I hope this guy wasnt serious, what a pain in the ass, after the joke wears off…

  27. Makaila Says:

    It’s really crazy. but cool 😀

  28. Izzy Roush Says:

    So what happens when this style of glasses becomes unfashionable? I can just imagine having a tattoo of those huge glasses that were all the rage in the 80’s

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