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January 18, 2010

NicoletoMK Mikrokopter Quadrocopter

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This NicoletoMK Mikrokopter Quadrocopter is not your department store variety flying toy. This 4 blade Quadrocopter is powerful enough to lift a 500 gram payload, this means camcorders, cameras or water balloons are fare game for this  machine. It can be flown by an operator or run in autonomous mode which would make it great as an automated surveillance system. There is a video of the unit in operation here and pictures of it in flight here.




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13 Responses to “NicoletoMK Mikrokopter Quadrocopter”

  1. Paul Says:

    When I get older I want to make myself one of these 🙂

  2. JeremyC Says:

    That is awesome, if it had enclosed blades on it I could see it selling big.

  3. NatureTM Says:

    Wow quadcopters sure are the in vogue this month. Don’t get me wrong I’m gonna buy one as soon as it’s the future and they’re not so ridiculously expensive.
    I’m also sortof surprised I don’t see tv news using this kind of thing. I’d think you could get some amazing shots.

  4. NicoletoMK Mikrokopter autonomous quadracopter [Video] - SlashGear Says:

    […] [via Hacked Gadgets] swfobject.embedSWF(“http://www.vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf”, “vvq-70493-vimeo-1”, “540”, “405”, “9”, vvqexpressinstall, { “wmode”: “opaque”, “allowfullscreen”: “true”, “allowscriptacess”: “always”, “server”: “www.vimeo.com”, “clip_id”: “7258076”, “show_portrait”: “0”, “show_title”: “1”, “show_byline”: “1”, “fullscreen”: “1” }, vvqparams, vvqattributes); […]

  5. Aurora Says:

    I am so sad, that these things are more or less getting prohibited. In Germany, you can only fly it via remote control (never autonomous) and over ground you have permission to use. I almost wanted to build one two years ago, but what am I gonna do with it with these rules.

  6. chaim Says:

    please add me to the email list


  7. jingpi Says:

    Too beautiful!

  8. Killer-Appy Flappy Things Says:

    […] These have been around for a while in various guises, but this was the first one to really make a splash. There’s a variant here: […]

  9. SpeedyWeb.at » Blog Archive » NicoletoMK – featured on Hacked Gadgets Says:

    […] January an article on Hacked Gadgets showed a Mikrokopter from Nicoleto. After visiting his homepage I saw a really nice conecpt for […]

  10. anake Says:

    Awesome Quad design and please let me know when this set will be available.Love to get one soon.

  11. Wooden Quadrocopter - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] have seen some amazing Quadrocopters in the past but this Wooden Quadrocopter adds the emphasis on the Quadcopter  body and structure. […]

  12. sanchez Says:

    who can buy this quadcopter buy this buy and pay

  13. Aweseome chopper | The Cult of ZGeek Says:

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