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January 15, 2010

Temperature Control using a DS1621 Sensor and a ATtiny 2313 Micrcontroller

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This Temperature Control project interfaces a DS1621 temperature sensor to  a ATtiny 2313 micrcontroller, with some AVR Bascom code a relay is controlled based on temperature. This is a very useful project since it has many applications, you could use it to turn on your car block heater when it gets cold, or turn on your attic fan when it gets real hot in the attic. Full code and schematics are provided so you can make you own. The authors spelling is about the same as mine (I love spell check).

“This circuit uses a Dallas DS1621 temperature sensor which indicates the temperature of the device. The temperature sensor has an thermal alarm output, which becomes high when the temperature of the device exceeds a user defined value.”


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4 Responses to “Temperature Control using a DS1621 Sensor and a ATtiny 2313 Micrcontroller”

  1. Atmega DIY – How to Make a Temperature Sensing Relay Module! Says:

    […] via hackedgadgets […]

  2. Kevin Says:

    hi guys !
    i’m looking for those connectors with screws in eagle, any idea how they’re called ?

    thanks !!

  3. Kevin Says:

    also i’m pretty sure his transistor won’t last long because there’s not flyback diode… a few hundreds of switches maybe and ciao ciao bc557 🙂


    sir this project is dicided for final year to me and i want to perchage it buy you so contact me at 09997882428

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