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January 13, 2010

LED Candle in a real Wax Candle

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This LED Candle project by macobt is nice and simple, plus the effect is enhanced because the LED is actually mounted in a real candle. We have seen other LED Candle projects here in the past but this one has a great finished look to it. If you have a spare PIC12F675 laying around you might want to give it a try, the code and schematic is provided here.


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7 Responses to “LED Candle in a real Wax Candle”

  1. bsom Says:

    Cute. I had thought of this myself, but never really proceeded. Well done.

  2. Tom Fisk Says:

    Agree…nicely done.

  3. LED DIY – How to Make an LED Candle! Says:

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  4. Robin Says:

    This is quite common, actually. The retail LED candles I own are made of real wax too.

  5. Lars Says:

    It looks pretty nice, but I think it flashes a bit too much unless the candle is supposed to stand outside in the wind. 🙂

  6. Pouncer Says:

    too much flicker. but nice

  7. Mike D Says:

    I agree way too much flicker but that’s just some programming to fix that.

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