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January 10, 2010

Model Rocket Launched with Camera

at 5:00 pm. Filed under DIY Hacks

I purchased a small model rocket kit a about 10 years ago, it was lots of fun until it got permanently stuck in a tree. I can just imagine how much more fun it would have been if I could have experienced the flight from a perspective other than from a fixed ground based location. Well, I Build Rockets has done exactly that. They have strapped a cheap $11.50 camera to a rocket and recorded a fantastic launch and recovery. The only thing more interesting to me other than the actual footage is how nice and warm it looks for early December!

“I decided to try out the new ‘Gum stick’ camera I recently purchased on eBay. The rocket was a quick scratch-build, BT50 with a 18mm motor mount. Both launches were on an Estes C6-5 with an altitude of just a few hundred feet, recovery under a 12″ Mylar parachute. Ideal shake-down flights for the camera.”


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7 Responses to “Model Rocket Launched with Camera”

  1. Paul Says:

    Thought I recognised the accents, nice and warm early December Australian weather 🙂
    Three New Years ago I was in Melbourne, got upto 42 degrees C on New Years Eve and was still higher then 30 degrees C at midnight!

  2. oler Says:

    Did you spot that crazy big 8-segment digit?, it is huge!

  3. MadScott Says:

    The cameras-on-model-rockets routine is an ongoing project for a lot of people but I think this sets some kind of new low-price point.

  4. sp00nix Says:

    Neat! Watching it tho was a bit rough of the equilibrium.

  5. Krusty Says:

    Hi Alan,
    Thanks for featuring my rocket!

    @sp00nix – Yes, does spin a bit, I’m planning on building something bigger to fly it in that should be more stable 🙂

    @Paul – We had a nice warm one the other day – Monday’s overnight low was 37c (98.6f) ew!!

  6. Camera Rocket on Hacked Gadgets blog! | Track Geek News Says:

    […] Rocket on Hacked Gadgets blog! Image by Sascha Grant Hacked Gadgets has featured my gumstick camera rocket […]

  7. Of Little Interest Says:

    I’ve just updated my website and the original link to the rocket camera article has broken. The new link is – http://www.oflittleinterest.com/index.php/rocketry-mainmenu-39/27-rocketry/128-camrocket1stflights


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